Canon printer and TurboPrint

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu May 28 12:42:41 UTC 2009

> 2) Considering FLASH support in FBSD sucks, I find that I regularly need

there are no flash support in FreeBSD as there are no support for internet 
explorer or Wojtek's super-ultra-super software (if that exist ;).
It's not FreeBSD job at all, but programmer job of that software.

It's an operating system that allow running ANY 
programs, with the only requirement to be in FreeBSD ELF format and using 
.so libraries and system calls that are in base system.

Taking into account how simple is to port any program from linux to 
FreeBSD, and that Adobe Flash already runs linux, it's simple that Adobe 
simply don't want to extends their userbase to FreeBSD for almost free.

So as they don't want me to use it, i don't use it.

If i would consider flash so important to have separate computer for this, 
and in the same time accept how Adobe treats me, i will just buy it.

But it have nothing to do with FreeBSD support.

Sorry for long post about it, but i DO HAVE to correct your wrong 

> the use of a Win PC. There are also numerous applications that I just
> do not have available on an X-desktop.

What you mean "X desktop"? You mean X Window System?

> While FBSD has many fine uses, primarily in the server department, it
> is solely lacking as a full service desktop replacement for me. I

As usual it depends on needs - for me it provides all i need for operating 
system. But it's really off-topic

> By the way, using a headless Win PC as a print server takes up virtually
> no space, its power consumption is inconsequential, and I am not even

anyway buing standard-compliant printer seems like simpler and cheaper 
solution for me.

Even if it would be slightly more expensive, i would prefer it, to keep 
things simple.

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