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Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at> wrote:

>> 2) Considering FLASH support in FBSD sucks, I find that I regularly
>> need
>there are no flash support in FreeBSD as there are no support for
>internet explorer or Wojtek's super-ultra-super software (if that
>exist ;). It's not FreeBSD job at all, but programmer job of that
>It's an operating system that allow running ANY 
>programs, with the only requirement to be in FreeBSD ELF format and
>using .so libraries and system calls that are in base system.
>Taking into account how simple is to port any program from linux to 
>FreeBSD, and that Adobe Flash already runs linux, it's simple that
>Adobe simply don't want to extends their userbase to FreeBSD for
>almost free.
>So as they don't want me to use it, i don't use it.
>If i would consider flash so important to have separate computer for
>this, and in the same time accept how Adobe treats me, i will just buy
>But it have nothing to do with FreeBSD support.
>Sorry for long post about it, but i DO HAVE to correct your wrong 

Actually, you are a troll. 

>> the use of a Win PC. There are also numerous applications that I just
>> do not have available on an X-desktop.
>What you mean "X desktop"? You mean X Window System?
>> While FBSD has many fine uses, primarily in the server department, it
>> is solely lacking as a full service desktop replacement for me. I
>As usual it depends on needs - for me it provides all i need for
>operating system. But it's really off-topic

Now that is a truly stupid statement. The usefulness of any OS or
applications is directly proportionate to the end users intended

>> By the way, using a headless Win PC as a print server takes up
>> virtually no space, its power consumption is inconsequential, and I
>> am not even
>anyway buing standard-compliant printer seems like simpler and cheaper 
>solution for me.
>Even if it would be slightly more expensive, i would prefer it, to
>keep things simple.

First it is "simpler and cheaper' then 'more expensive'. Nothing like a
firm commitment to ambiquity.

The bottom line is that using a Win PC box for a print server saves me
countless hours of frustration. I know that I can purchase virtually
any printer on the market today and have it up and running on the
Windows box in a few minutes. Can you say the same thing about a FBSD
box? Not even close. The idea behind any venture, be it personal or
business, is to find the cheapest and most efficient solution for a
given problem. I have found one that works just fine for me.

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To envision how a 4-processor system running [SunOS] 4.1.x works, think
of four kids and one bathroom.

	John DiMarco
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