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>So you suggest leaving one computer running 'Windows' on solely as a
>print server? Is that an efficient use of power, space and hardware?

1) You are assuming it is only one PC. Actually, there are several.

2) Considering FLASH support in FBSD sucks, I find that I regularly need
the use of a Win PC. There are also numerous applications that I just
do not have available on an X-desktop.

While FBSD has many fine uses, primarily in the server department, it
is solely lacking as a full service desktop replacement for me. I
realize that Xorg is a major cause of that problem, but that is not my

By the way, using a headless Win PC as a print server takes up virtually
no space, its power consumption is inconsequential, and I am not even
sure what other hardware, perhaps a UPS, you are referring to.
Considering that I can have any number of printers hooked up easily
and get higher print quality, I find it an extremely useful option. For
the record, I only have three printers hooked up at my residency at
present. Two of them being wireless. Attempting to get them working
under FBSD became a real exercise in pain. In Windows, it was a simple
two minute operation.

If I am at work, and they are willing to pay me to play with something,
that is one thing. However, I will be damned if I am going to waste my
time when a simpler and more efficient method is available.

In any case, "Sulum ut suus" or "chacun a son gout" if you prefer.

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