going from cvs to svnq

Andrew Wright andrew at qemg.org
Tue Mar 31 13:35:30 PDT 2009

On Tue, 31 Mar 2009, Chuck Robey wrote:

> I've finally decided that it's way past time that I switched from using cvs for
> my home archive (currently /home/ncvs) to using subversion.  I'm trying to hunt
> down a web page that might give a set of rules to help moving things.  I've

It appears that you may be labouring under the assumption that
svn is a potential _client_ replacement that will read a CVS repo.

It doesn't do this.

You can convert a repository using the tools available at:
but afterwards you are using svn exclusively -- there is no ability
to mix and match.  After the conversion, both client and server
tools will change.

The primary advantage of using svn is that the _server_ uses a
different protocol to track objects.  Directory management, for
instance, is a track-able change, as opposed to the CVS strategy
of directory management through side effect.

> Stuff like, can I use my present cvsup-fetched /home/ncvs with svn?  I didn't

No - if you have fetched a directory using cvsup, then it is a CVS
workspace, and will remain that way.  If the server managing a repo
is using CVS, you will use a CVS client to access it

If you are managing a repo you wish to convert to svn, then the
link above will help you do it.  At the time of such a conversion,
all currently-checked-out CVS workspaces will be orphaned.


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