going from cvs to svn

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Tue Mar 31 13:20:32 PDT 2009

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I've finally decided that it's way past time that I switched from using cvs for
my home archive (currently /home/ncvs) to using subversion.  I'm trying to hunt
down a web page that might give a set of rules to help moving things.  I've
spent about the last 90 minutes on Google, can't find what I'm after.

I'm NOT asking for answers here, just the URL of what to read, but I'm going to
give a couple of questions, just to you see what I'm after.  I'm not after
answers here, I want to read it myself if it's at all possible.

Stuff like, can I use my present cvsup-fetched /home/ncvs with svn?  I didn't
see any way to check out an svn-specific archive in all the stuff I read, like
the FreeBSD handbook.  Can I use my present set of checkouts, or must I delete
them and do new checkouts with svn?  Are the URLs for cvsup listed in the
handbook still correct (they haven't changed there in years now).

That's it, I'd really like to see if the answers are available to be read in an
FAQ somewhere, but if they're not listed, well then I guess I would appreciate
the answers.
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