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Sat Sep 13 10:15:48 UTC 2008

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 08:23:16PM +0200, m cassar wrote:
> Does anyone here use freebsd for serious audio/video production work? or
> know if there is some kind of community?
> i have seen ubuntu studio for a general idea outside windows/osx, but prefer
> fbsd over linux. and found most programs in ports, but i would like to find
> out more about kernel optimization in that respect and what goes into that
> type of dedicated setup.
> i am running 7-stable with a custom kernel, where i only added vesa, and
> removed some scsi and network drivers i don't have from the generic kernel,
> but i figure there must be more settings to tweak than what i saw there in
> the generic file.  would there be more settings somewhere else or would you
> add them to the kernconf file?

I think it does not depend on your kernel configuration - checkout the
portstree for the software you need:

	  % cd /usr/ports
	  % make search key="$MY_MULTIMEDIA_SOFTWARE"

Furthermore you should checkout the hardware/release notes for
7.0 and/or 7.1:
> my setup works fairly decent for desktop use, but seems kinda sluggish with
> even basic multimedia.

IMO FreeBSD is not made for that kind of multimedia machine -
it's not about the software, it's more about the drivers.
FreeBSD has a focus on network and stability, not to support your brandnew
7:1 soundhardware or the latest ATI SLI graphics card for $500...

I prefer FreeBSD over Linux as well, but I think you should go for a
dual-boot installation.  :)
I've heard very good things about Ubuntu Studio and believe that
the hardware support for your needs is better.
> p.s. on a different note while i'm here, how do you go from 7.1 prerelease
> to 7.1 release when it is out? when/how do you tell when you stop using
> stable-supfile and start using standard-supfile?

Your're following -STABLE, aka RELENG_7.
After 7.1-RELEASE is out you will have to follow  RELENG_7_1 is what
you want (if you don't want to follow -STABLE anymore). 

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