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On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 12:15 PM, Oliver Peter <lists at> wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 08:23:16PM +0200, m cassar wrote:
> > Does anyone here use freebsd for serious audio/video production work? or
> > know if there is some kind of community?
> >
> > i have seen ubuntu studio for a general idea outside windows/osx, but
> prefer
> > fbsd over linux. and found most programs in ports, but i would like to
> find
> > out more about kernel optimization in that respect and what goes into
> that
> > type of dedicated setup.
> >
> > i am running 7-stable with a custom kernel, where i only added vesa, and
> > removed some scsi and network drivers i don't have from the generic
> kernel,
> > but i figure there must be more settings to tweak than what i saw there
> in
> > the generic file.  would there be more settings somewhere else or would
> you
> > add them to the kernconf file?
> I think it does not depend on your kernel configuration - checkout the
> portstree for the software you need:
>          % cd /usr/ports
>          % make search key="$MY_MULTIMEDIA_SOFTWARE"

> Furthermore you should checkout the hardware/release notes for
> 7.0 and/or 7.1:
> > my setup works fairly decent for desktop use, but seems kinda sluggish
> with
> > even basic multimedia.
> IMO FreeBSD is not made for that kind of multimedia machine -
> it's not about the software, it's more about the drivers.
> FreeBSD has a focus on network and stability, not to support your brandnew
> 7:1 soundhardware or the latest ATI SLI graphics card for $500...
> I prefer FreeBSD over Linux as well, but I think you should go for a
> dual-boot installation.  :)
> I've heard very good things about Ubuntu Studio and believe that
> the hardware support for your needs is better.

ok, I see what you mean with freebsd's main focus (stability,etc), i just
thought it was just 'younger' than linux(es) for desktop and that type of
but had the potential and would get there eventually; also considering that
the user community could gradually grow from here, meaning more feature
demands for end users and also more potential developers, i.e. new users
with the expertise.  And from my end, since i don't have a crucial need for
a production system at the moment, and just a hobby, i could stick to it
instead of linux and see it deveope in that way, and learn more about what
goes under the hood.

I got this impression since i had  a pcbsd install on another disk and it
had slightly better performance than my fbsd 7, which i only wanted to get
up and running asap and kinda sloppy. (pcbsd 1.5.1, with base 6.3, which i
think doesn't fully support dual cores).

coincidently, i installed ubuntu studio this morning, but i still feel
15mins there is 15mins away from fbsd, especially if it is a matter of
tweaking and such.

BTW, and related to fbsd kind of being younger than linux, i had an amd64
version at some point, of freebsd, and couldn't install wine because it is
based on 32bit windows or what have you. it works on ubuntu studio (64) fine
and i am also under the impression that anything linux can do, freebsd can
do; and it's just a matter of time. I'm just glad i didn't have to wipe fbsd
to install ubuntu.

anyhoo, thanks for your info, and i take it there is no known projects at
the moment similar to ubuntu studio, suse/jad, fedora/planet ccrma, etc. I
am not sure if you mean there is surely no hope or whether it is just early,
assuming that it would basically need a real-time or low-latency kernel
bidonkey donk modifications.

> > p.s. on a different note while i'm here, how do you go from 7.1
> prerelease
> > to 7.1 release when it is out? when/how do you tell when you stop using
> > stable-supfile and start using standard-supfile?
> Your're following -STABLE, aka RELENG_7.
> After 7.1-RELEASE is out you will have to follow  RELENG_7_1 is what
> you want (if you don't want to follow -STABLE anymore).
ok, so when 7.1 is released, there will still be a relative stable branch,
right? i think i will sit on 7,1, release for a while when out.

thank you

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