Audio Production

m cassar marshc187 at
Fri Sep 12 18:23:16 UTC 2008

Does anyone here use freebsd for serious audio/video production work? or
know if there is some kind of community?

i have seen ubuntu studio for a general idea outside windows/osx, but prefer
fbsd over linux. and found most programs in ports, but i would like to find
out more about kernel optimization in that respect and what goes into that
type of dedicated setup.

i am running 7-stable with a custom kernel, where i only added vesa, and
removed some scsi and network drivers i don't have from the generic kernel,
but i figure there must be more settings to tweak than what i saw there in
the generic file.  would there be more settings somewhere else or would you
add them to the kernconf file?

my setup works fairly decent for desktop use, but seems kinda sluggish with
even basic multimedia.

p.s. on a different note while i'm here, how do you go from 7.1 prerelease
to 7.1 release when it is out? when/how do you tell when you stop using
stable-supfile and start using standard-supfile?

thanks in advance

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