Current status of SEBSD / how to build FLASK system on top of current FreeBSD?

Stefan Dalibor scd at
Wed Sep 3 20:24:45 UTC 2008

could someone knowledgeable please give some information on the status

I have found the project page beneath the TrustedBSD homepage, but it
seems a bit abandoned (no release since 2006, no mailing list traffic).

Is SEBSD an integral part of the current standard kernel, or do I have
to apply the patch as indicated on the homepage?  And will the patch
work with 7.0-RELENG or CURRENT?

Should SEBSD be no longer actively maintained, how do I build the
equivalence of an SELinux system on top of FreeBSD?
I.e., which of the MAC modules should I use, so that the SELinux Reference
Policy can be loaded and enforced?

Thanks a lot!


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