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On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 05:58:40PM -0700, prad wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Aug 2008 15:47:14 -0700
> Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:
> > and/or is there an easier markup editor
> > in ports?
> >
> hi gary!
> i tried bluefish, but didn't like it personally.
> kde's quanta is excellent and has lots of convenient features and uses
> the very advanced kate as a basis - you don't have to run kde in order
> to run kde programs. if you liked bluefish, i think you'll really like
> quanta.
> despite my fondness for quanta, i have ended up using emacs for the
> past several years with the built-in html-mode (or you can splurge with
> html-helper mode, though i found it a bit too elaborate). emacs
> might take a bit more work to figure out in the beginning but it is a
> really good all-purpose editor because it is as extensible as it is.


I used bluefish a few years ago, then went to quanta and finally settled
on (/usr/ports/www/kompozer) Kompozer.  Kompozer is an udate to nvu
(which was the composer module in Mozilla) as a standalone application.
It still produces source code with some Netscapeisms, but it isn't
anything that isn't easily cleaned up (when necessary --like to produce
html e-mail) in an editor like kate, or kedit.


	Guys, thanks for your help.  I already managed to put in by
	vi (and ".") the 45 or so <div align="left"> and </div>.
	Still wonder what's wrong with bluefish, but glad there are

	There are a bunch of font things to add to my prototype HTML/PHP
	file, so lots to play with.  


	ps: to bore you with yet-another-FWIW: this is v2 of my jottings
	    stuff :-)  

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