VAIO Laptop - Fatal trap 19 on boot

Mike deathjestr at
Mon May 26 23:17:43 UTC 2008

I have a Sony VAIO laptop, model number VGN-FZ260E. I was trying to boot the
FreeBSD 7.0 amd64 bootonly install disk in it today and I kept getting a "fatal
trap 19" error. Part of the output on the screen says:

"RAM parity error, likely hardware failure"

...but I can't find any problems with it using memtest86, and other
OSes run fine.

It looks like this issue has come up on this list before (see URL below), but it
doesn't look like it was ever resolved. The output I get is almost
exactly the same
as this:

I also found a few similar reports from other users on the web:

I realize the OS is telling me it's a hardware failure, and maybe the errors
from the above links were caused by hardware failure as well. But what bugs
me is that nothing else seems to have any problem with my hardware. Is
there a better tool (other than memtest86) that I can use to diagnose
hardware problems?

Please make sure to copy me on your responses, I am not subscribed to

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