computer tech cmptr.tch at
Sun Mar 30 05:54:58 PDT 2008

Hi there

I run my own website and would like to link to FreeBSD.

Normally I know most people just go ahead and link anyway, however I always
believe in asking as I know some people / companies don't like linking to
other websites so I would like to know if its ok to add FreeBSD to my links
page when I get this part up?

Secondly I am currently doing my systems page on my website and currently
doing network based systems and the operating system would be FreeBSD and a
few other distributions of linux, what I would like to know is would I be
allowed to host the image files of amd64 and i386 if not would I be allowed
to link to your download page so visitors can get these?

I know these are pretty basic questions but I always prefer to ask.

If you could let me know I would be most grateful


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