Jonathan McKeown jonathan+freebsd-questions at
Sun Mar 30 08:57:58 PDT 2008

On Sunday 30 March 2008 14:25, computer tech wrote:
> Secondly I am currently doing my systems page on my website and currently
> doing network based systems and the operating system would be FreeBSD and a
> few other distributions of linux

This is the second time I've seen this misunderstanding (FreeBSD and other 
distributions of Linux) on this list in a matter of hours.

FreeBSD is not a distribution of Linux: it's a separate operating system, 
descended from one of the branches of Unix - the OS, originally from Bell 
Labs, which has sired many others and inspired many more, including Linux.

There is a lot more to Unix and Unix-like operating systems - even just the 
freely-available ones - than only Linux.


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