X.org 7.3 sure is a mess...

Peter Boosten peter at boosten.org
Tue Mar 18 10:19:23 UTC 2008

Scott Bennett wrote:
>      Now that I've upgraded to X.org 7.3, I'm wishing that I hadn't done it.
> Firefox hangs the server, using lots of CPU time, and the only way to get
> the screen, keyboard, and mouse access again is to power the machine down and
> up again, and then reboot.  The xscreensaver modules mostly display nicely in
> the little window in the xscreensaver preferences panel, but about half of
> them when run in full-screen mode immediately crash the X server on a signal
> 11.  PuTTY (installed from a port) is missing its terminal fonts, so I'm
> stuck using ssh(1) inside an xterm.
>      I'm still discovering more and more broken stuff in 7.3 each day.  It's
> only partially usable.  How did this release ever make it out the door?  What
> a mess.  I suppose I can restore from the backups to get back to 6.9, though,
> but what a drag.  All that mucking around to get through the upgrade, and for
> this??  Pardon my frustration, please.

Looks like you're having a problem with your window manager, instead of 

Mine (with enlightenment-devel) works like charm. None of the issues you 
describe anyway.



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