X.org 7.3 sure is a mess...

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Tue Mar 18 10:09:47 UTC 2008

well i just reinstalled my packages from scratch (too much mess till 
today), with Xorg 7.3, now opera only not firefox, xterm, gimp etc..

all works fine

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008, Scott Bennett wrote:

>     Now that I've upgraded to X.org 7.3, I'm wishing that I hadn't done it.
> Firefox hangs the server, using lots of CPU time, and the only way to get
> the screen, keyboard, and mouse access again is to power the machine down and
> up again, and then reboot.  The xscreensaver modules mostly display nicely in
> the little window in the xscreensaver preferences panel, but about half of
> them when run in full-screen mode immediately crash the X server on a signal
> 11.  PuTTY (installed from a port) is missing its terminal fonts, so I'm
> stuck using ssh(1) inside an xterm.
>     I'm still discovering more and more broken stuff in 7.3 each day.  It's
> only partially usable.  How did this release ever make it out the door?  What
> a mess.  I suppose I can restore from the backups to get back to 6.9, though,
> but what a drag.  All that mucking around to get through the upgrade, and for
> this??  Pardon my frustration, please.
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