state of flash on FreeBSD 7?

E. J. Cerejo ejcerejo at
Sun Mar 16 03:37:52 UTC 2008

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008 20:09:00 -0400
C Thala <cthala at> wrote:

> Like Javascript, with regards to Flash, what was once a nuisance has
> more or less become a necessity.
> I turned off JS on my browsers for several years and avoided most
> popup/web issues that people had. Nowadays, I can leave it on because
> Firefox plus some plugins do a good job of blocking most of the crap
> and because it doesn't destabilize the browser like it once used to.
> So what's the deal with Flash? Occasionally, I will get a link on
> YouTube/Google Video that looks interesting, but for the most part,
> I've ignored them. Over the years, I have occasionally tried the
> mozilla flash plugin, but that has always crashed my browser within
> the first 10 minutes of use.
> So for those of you using FreeBSD 7, what is the current state of
> Flash? Can it be used regularly? Is it ready for the BSD desktop?
> Caveats? Comments? Advice?

So far I haven't had any major problems with linux-flash7 on my native firefox using nspluginwrapper.  Sometimes I get the sound off sync but I can survive.  It's the 9 that crashes and in my opinion should be removed from the ports collection.  You can always try graphics/gnash which works natively with firefox.

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