state of flash on FreeBSD 7?

C Thala cthala at
Sun Mar 16 00:09:02 UTC 2008

Like Javascript, with regards to Flash, what was once a nuisance has
more or less become a necessity.

I turned off JS on my browsers for several years and avoided most
popup/web issues that people had. Nowadays, I can leave it on because
Firefox plus some plugins do a good job of blocking most of the crap
and because it doesn't destabilize the browser like it once used to.

So what's the deal with Flash? Occasionally, I will get a link on
YouTube/Google Video that looks interesting, but for the most part,
I've ignored them. Over the years, I have occasionally tried the
mozilla flash plugin, but that has always crashed my browser within
the first 10 minutes of use.

So for those of you using FreeBSD 7, what is the current state of
Flash? Can it be used regularly? Is it ready for the BSD desktop?
Caveats? Comments? Advice?

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