Expanding file system

Jeffery Swan scientist at engineer.com
Mon Mar 3 15:54:11 UTC 2008

I am currently running FreeNAS on FreeBSD as a NAS device and it works
great. Initially, I had a Highpoint RocketRAID card installed with 3 -
500 Gig drives attached configured in hardware as RAID 5. This gave me
about 905 Gig usefull storage.

The RAID card allows for adding hard drives via Online RAID Level
Migration (ORLM) and this is waht I did. I added another 500 Gig drive
and performed the ORLM. Everything worked great. No data was lost and I
now have about 1.5 TB of storage but.....

The problem is, df only reports back the original 905 Gig. It seems that
the RAID controller did migrate my data but left the additional space
"raw". What I need to know how to do now is extend my original partition
(slice) to include the newly added space without loosing data.

The array was originally formatted UFS in one partition (slice). I
believe that using a combination of FDISK and FSGROW I should be able to
do this but I am really afraid of losing my data (and I don't have a way
to back up that much data). My experience is mainly in Linux and I know
this is much different. I believe that I could probably boot up knoppix
from CD and use gparted, but that would involve removing the NAS box from
the rack and installing a CD drive and that's a real pain in the butt.

I have no GUI, so everything has to be command line. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

If for some reason I have sent this request to the wrong mail list I
apologize and would request the correct list.

Jeff Swan

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