Searching for development project [was: Hello]

Steve Bertrand steve at
Sat Jun 28 17:45:33 UTC 2008

Vince Hoffman wrote:
> Chance Hoggan wrote:

>> Even if you do not have any projects if you could give me some tasks 
>> that would equally be great.

>     I believe is a good place to 
> start. Also try asking on the -current or -hackers mailing lists.
>     I've noticed that if you find something that seems interesting and 
> start work on it then ask specific questions you are more likely to get 
> useful replies than if you ask more general questions. That said i'm not 
> a developer so don't feel you need to pay too much attention to my 
> suggestions as they are purely based on observation not 
> instruction/experience :)

Might I also kindly suggest that you take a look at the following link, 
courtesy of Greg Lehey, in order for you to make the best of your 


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