Vsftpd rotate logs with newsyslog...

David Robillard david.robillard at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 15:29:15 UTC 2008

>> Well, i take this opportunity also to ask about Apache too....which signal
>> should i send?
> A HUP signal should work for apache.

Actually, the Apache documentation says that one must use USR1 instead
of HUP to send a gracefull restart instead of a hangup.
This is to let the children httpd processes some time to finish their
transactions before the master restarts. It is also for this reason
that the logs should not be compressed by newsyslogd.

This is what we use in newsyslog.conf(5) for our Apache servers:

/var/log/httpd/access.log                            640 5 1024 * B
/var/run/httpd.pid 30
/var/log/httpd/error.log                                640 5 1024 * B
/var/run/httpd.pid 30
/var/log/httpd/ssl.log                                  640 5 1024 * B
/var/run/httpd.pid 30

Of course, your log file names will vary according to your preferences
and VirtualHosts.


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