Sockets stuck in CLOSED state...

Ali Niknam freebsd-questions at
Wed Jun 18 17:21:07 UTC 2008

Wojciech Puchar wrote:

 > #define socket TEST_SOCKET
 > and write one .c program where all these TEST_* functions are defined,
 > doing the same as  original PLUS logging to file.
 > after a while (when you see this closed/unclosed connections) stop it
 > and look at logs.

Thank you for the suggestions. I had considered that myself, however the 
server is doing about 300 DNS queries per second, so that's not easy to 
log. And even if it is logged you have sooo much information that it's 
nearly impossible to comprehend it.

The thing is that the problem does not occur always; the same ip can 
connect and do queries for thousands of times before 1 connection gets 

To give you an idea: after about 24 hours (so that's about 26 million 
queries) I get about 10 stuck connections.

 > i'm almost sure you will notice where is a problem.
 > possibly threads implementation changed...

I can imagine; still, as far as I know, it should not be possible to be 
stuck in "CLOSED"...

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