Tried to symlink /etc to another disk, now stuck

Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri Jun 13 01:51:35 UTC 2008

Dan Nelson wrote:

>> To make a long story shorter, is there any hope for getting a
>> privileged user account on this machine to move /etc back to where it
>> should be?
> It may be easiest to boot a live CD (FreeSBIE, or a FreeBSD-7 install
> disc 1 should work), mount both of your hard drives from it, and put
> /etc back where it belongs that way.

This is a very good point, but in this case, if its only /etc that has 
been relocated, the system is at mountroot> because fstab can't be found.

If the disk type is known, it is as simple as typing the appropriate 
location of the root fs at that prompt and the system will come up. 
Under single user, the OP would have full access to everything to revert 
the changes (perhaps other disk areas with binaries may have to be 
mounted manually as well)...

I'm off to try it. I've got a system here with a da device. I'll fsck up 
/etc/fstab, reboot, and report back with the appropriate mountroot> 
prompt entry...


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