archiving all IMAP mail?

C Thala cthala at
Thu Feb 14 08:25:51 UTC 2008

I need to strictly archive all mail sent to me.

For some time I've been using fetchmail/getmail from ports to suck down
(every 5 minutes or so) the IMAP mail sent by my ISP and send it through
procmail where I make a copy and then archive it (I also do my filtering
into various mailboxes in procmail).

I then use my mail user agent to read the mail from a local machine.

This has worked fine all these years, but now I am switching to the
paradigm where I am checking mail from multiple clients, so I plan on
using IMAP-aware user agents.

As I understand it, these IMAP-aware user agents operate directly on the
IMAP spool. How can I archive my mail before it reaches them? Also, how
do I do my filtering to various mailboxes?

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