OffTopic: FreeBSD Lists doesn't add Reply-to Header, workaround?

Wael Nasreddine mla at
Thu Feb 14 07:50:48 UTC 2008


First of all I am so sorry to send this here, but it doesn't fit in
any mailing list, Not procmail nor mutt, So I apologize again for
being that off-topic.

All FreeBSD Lists does not add the header Reply-to to the e-mail sent
and thus when I receive an email from the List and hit reply, it
replies to the sender not the list, and If I choose reply to all, it
replies to the Sender and Cc to the list, this is not at all good,
I'll explain below.

I've almost the setup of every command-line lover, fetchmail+procmail
as backend, and Mutt to read the email, procmail Automatically detects
the e-mail coming from a Mailing list due to the following set of
rules[1], anyway the problem I am having is not good because everyone
who has a similar setup as me, will receive the Reply that I have sent
outside the List folder because none of the rules above matches this

Probable solution: I thought of expanding the rules above to, before
sending the email to the folder, check if Reply-to is present, if not
Add the e-mail with the header "X-BeenThere" to a new Reply-to header
using formail and then move it to the folder...

So what do you think guys? Could this be a good solution? Any
easier/better solution? How do you handle it guys??

Thank you.


Wael Nasreddine
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