mpd with a dual pppoe setup

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Mon Feb 4 09:07:45 PST 2008

On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 11:18:12AM -0000, Reinhold wrote:

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> >>> If you are connecting to the ISP it would be better not to specify IP
> >>> to let them be negotiated.
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> >> How will I go ahead and set the static ips for both my wan connections?
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> > If IPs are static then provider itself will negotiate them every time
> > same. If you will specify them and provider will request another,
> > negotiation will fail. So I would not recommend you to specify them.
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> Hi
> I spoke to our ISP today. I asked them if they can set one of my ips as
> the main ip that will be assigned every time I dail in and they told me no
> they can't do it because of some security thing on there side :-S
> Basicaly how they explained it to me is because I have 5 ips, when we dail
> in we get assigned a dynamic ip and on top of that I have to manually set
> the 5 ips to what ever services I would like them to be used for. If I
> want my WAN2 connection to use one of the 5 ips I have to manually set it
> so that all my out going connections will be using that ip.

Your ISP CAN do this.  They just won't because they don't want to make it
easy for you to run a server.   They want to suppress your use.  You
might check with other ISPs or twist their arm more, or get a little
more sophisticated by letting DHCP set the IPs and have your domain
registered through one of the nameserver services that will allow you to 
reset the info each time you boot.   Then, there are some utilities you 
can get to check what IP got set and then notify that nameserver service.

I don't remember offhand the names of any of those services or the 
utilities you can use to talk to them, but there are several and you
can just do a little searching for them.


> For this reason I have changed my WAN2 settings to this in the config file.
> set ipcp ranges my-first-static-ip/32 isp-gateway/32
> I know you said its not recommended, but I need to use this ip and my isp
> can't set that for me. Also once I have a use for the other ips, how can I
> add them? Can I create ip aliases for ng1 in the same way I will normally
> do by adding them to my rc.conf file?
> Thanks for all the help
> Reinhold
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