mpd with a dual pppoe setup

Reinhold freebsd at
Mon Feb 4 03:14:13 PST 2008

>>> If you are connecting to the ISP it would be better not to specify IP
>>> to let them be negotiated.
>> How will I go ahead and set the static ips for both my wan connections?
> If IPs are static then provider itself will negotiate them every time
> same. If you will specify them and provider will request another,
> negotiation will fail. So I would not recommend you to specify them.

I spoke to our ISP today. I asked them if they can set one of my ips as
the main ip that will be assigned every time I dail in and they told me no
they can't do it because of some security thing on there side :-S

Basicaly how they explained it to me is because I have 5 ips, when we dail
in we get assigned a dynamic ip and on top of that I have to manually set
the 5 ips to what ever services I would like them to be used for. If I
want my WAN2 connection to use one of the 5 ips I have to manually set it
so that all my out going connections will be using that ip.

For this reason I have changed my WAN2 settings to this in the config file.
set ipcp ranges my-first-static-ip/32 isp-gateway/32

I know you said its not recommended, but I need to use this ip and my isp
can't set that for me. Also once I have a use for the other ips, how can I
add them? Can I create ip aliases for ng1 in the same way I will normally
do by adding them to my rc.conf file?

Thanks for all the help

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