mpd with a dual pppoe setup

Alexander Motin mav at
Sun Feb 3 10:38:12 PST 2008

Reinhold wrote:
>> If you are connecting to the ISP it would be better not to specify IP to
>> let them be negotiated.
> How will I go ahead and set the static ips for both my wan connections?

If IPs are static then provider itself will negotiate them every time 
same. If you will specify them and provider will request another, 
negotiation will fail. So I would not recommend you to specify them.

> For wan1 I have one ip and for wan2 I have 5 ips

Probably for wan2 you have one interface IP plus some network routed to 
you. PPP protocol does not allows to negotiate routed network, so that 
network probably should be configured by hands somewhere.

> I was orginally thinking of seting up proxy-arp to add the extra 4 ips on
> wan2 after connecting using the first ip, but now I'm not to sure anymore.

proxy-arp is working only with Ethernet. If you are going to give that 
static IPs only to PPTP users - you probably don't need it.

> We need these ips because some of the websites and servers that we manage
> are ip restricked for added security, this is also the reason why I have a
> pptp server for the people thats not in our office.

You can specify static IPs for those users in mpd.secret file.

> How does mpd5 assign the ng interfaces, in my previose cong there was a
> line new -i ng0 provider PPPoE0, does mpd5 do this automatically?

Interfaces will be allocated by system in order of usage. WAN1 will be 
ng0, WAN2 - ng1 and the PPTP link's interfaces will be allocated 
dynamically on connect.

Alexander Motin

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