mpd with a dual pppoe setup

Reinhold freebsd at
Tue Feb 5 10:26:43 PST 2008

On Mon, February 4, 2008 17:04, Jerry McAllister wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 11:18:12AM -0000, Reinhold wrote:
>>>>> If you are connecting to the ISP it would be better not to
>>>>> specify IP to let them be negotiated.
>>>> How will I go ahead and set the static ips for both my wan
>>>> connections?
>>> If IPs are static then provider itself will negotiate them every time
>>>  same. If you will specify them and provider will request another,
>>> negotiation will fail. So I would not recommend you to specify them.
>> Hi
>> I spoke to our ISP today. I asked them if they can set one of my ips as
>> the main ip that will be assigned every time I dail in and they told me
>> no they can't do it because of some security thing on there side :-S
>> Basicaly how they explained it to me is because I have 5 ips, when we
>> dail in we get assigned a dynamic ip and on top of that I have to
>> manually set the 5 ips to what ever services I would like them to be
>> used for. If I want my WAN2 connection to use one of the 5 ips I have to
>> manually set it so that all my out going connections will be using that
>> ip.
> Your ISP CAN do this.  They just won't because they don't want to make it
>  easy for you to run a server.   They want to suppress your use.  You
> might check with other ISPs or twist their arm more, or get a little more
> sophisticated by letting DHCP set the IPs and have your domain registered
> through one of the nameserver services that will allow you to reset the
> info each time you boot.   Then, there are some utilities you can get to
> check what IP got set and then notify that nameserver service.
> I don't remember offhand the names of any of those services or the
> utilities you can use to talk to them, but there are several and you can
> just do a little searching for them.
> ////jerry

I phoned them again, the first guy I spoke to didn't know what I wanted so
after telling him to get me someone that I can talk to I was finally told
that BT, our ISP does not support setting a static ip to a dsl line if you
have 5 ips but, they do it when you have only 1 ip address. Weird I know.
The guy then told me that if I need this type of support that I will have
to go and find another ISP that does support this. How nice of them to
tell me that.

So I'm left with 5 ips that I need to some how set so that I can use them.

Any help will be greatly apreasiated to get this working


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