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Jerry Dunham jdunham at texas.net
Fri Aug 29 04:29:21 UTC 2008

On 27 Aug 2008 at 22:46, David Christensen wrote:

> Mark Busby wrote:
> > Looking at a Trendnet KVM TK-407K switch. It shows to work with linux. Has
> > anyone had success using it with FreeBSD?  I hate to waste time and money,
> > even with the option of resale on eslay.  Thanks for your time.

I don't recall the model numbers, but a couple of TrendNet KVMs I bought 
for a company I used to work for turned out to be flakey. At least they 
were cheap and not too painful to throw away.

> I've had good luck with my IOGear Miniview GCS 78 -- 8-port VGA, PS/2 keyboard,
> PS/2 mouse.

I've used several IOGear KVMs with great success, from 2-port to 8-port.  
In fact, I'm using a 4-port IOGear MiniView as I type this.

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