OT:KVM Switch

David Christensen dpchrist at holgerdanske.com
Thu Aug 28 05:46:39 UTC 2008

Mark Busby wrote:
> Looking at a Trendnet KVM TK-407K switch. It shows to work with linux. Has
> anyone had success using it with FreeBSD?  I hate to waste time and money,
> even with the option of resale on eslay.  Thanks for your time.

I've had good luck with my IOGear Miniview GCS 78 -- 8-port VGA, PS/2 keyboard,
PS/2 mouse.

I've used it with Win2k, WinXP, Win2003SBS, Debian GNU/Linux, Damn Small Linux,
and FreeBSD, in recent memory, and probably several more in the past.  I've also
used the GUC100KM PS/2 keyboard and mouse to USB converter successfully with
several platforms.

Sometimes I wish the KVM had sound, but what I really need to do is build a
matrix mixer/ distribution amp that sends each of eight line inputs to the other
seven outputs (e.g. no feedback loop)...

Erik Trulsson wrote:
> All KVM-switches I have encountered so far do not really interact at
> all with the OS, and therefore will work equally well with any OS.
> I see no reason to expect that KVM switch to be any different.

I ran into *severe* problems in the past using KVM's with older AT keyboard/
serial mouse machines.  Basically, I went through every unit available at Fry's
and returned them all.  Life only got better when I finally mothballed the
ancient hardware.  However, I do recall that IOGear worked correctly, but that I
returned it because the hot-key sequence started with Ctrl, Ctrl (Duke Nuk'em
3D's fire button).

Consider buying retail, so you can test the KVM with everything you have and
return it if you find compatibility problems and/or hot-key issues.

Dan Nelson wrote:
> Watch out for KVMs that use the scroll-lock key to switch computers,
> though.  That makes using scrollback history on the console a pain.

My KVM's hot-key sequence is Ctrl, Alt, Shift, <num>; in that order.  Thus far,
I haven't run into an conflicting application or platform.

Check the hot-key sequence of any unit before you buy.



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