[ free_bsd_questions ] selecting a cpu heatsink / fan combo

Marc Coyles mcoyles at horbury.wakefield.sch.uk
Tue Aug 26 14:35:42 UTC 2008

> > greetings, all ---
> >
> > this isn't exactly a free_bsd question, --but--,
> >   since free_bsd is popular w/ the i386 crowd and
> >   there are many rugged individualists on these lists
> >   who like to "roll their own",
> >   i figure i'll get way less hyperbole and
> >   more practical experience here,
> >   than at some of the places i've visited today.

1 - Don't use tip of finger to apply thermal goop unless finger is
within a plastic bag. Grease off your skin will detract from the
efficiency of the Thermal Bond, and seeing as the TIM bond accounts for
a HUGE proportion of a processor-cooling-solution's c/w rating, it's
better to pop finger in a bag, and then apply compound.

2 - Best of the best is still Thermalright, but there is a price premium
as always. I generally go with their Ultra120 Extreme as it supports all
sockets and all CPUs on the market, so you won't have to bin it if you
switch to something else at a later date... And partner it with a decent
120mm fan of your choosing according to your noise preference.
Personally I stick with Nexus fans as they're nice n' quiet...

The above combo is currently sitting atop a Q6600 cpu in my recording
studio system and keeps it at 40 deg C full-load in total silence. If
you want better cooling, then find a more powerful fan.

3 - Meh - Thermal Compound performance is much debated, and any testing
done on it isn't done to a sufficient quality to give reliable results.
Either way, the Thermalright Heatsinks all come with goop that is plenty
good enough for most purposes.

Marci (ex Over-Clock UK / ThermoChill Radiators)
ICT Support - Horbury School

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