[ free_bsd_questions ] selecting a cpu heatsink / fan combo [ b ]

spellberg_robert emailrob at emailrob.com
Wed Aug 27 07:33:18 UTC 2008

Chuck Robey wrote:

>>q:  would anyone care to wax rhapsodic
>>      about any manufacturer
>>      with whose heatsink / fan combo product[s]
>>      they have had good success ?

> OK, I will.  I got taught, in extremely clear fashion, about the direct linkage
> between keeping the temperatures low and even, and the ultimate reliability of
> your system.  I won't go into the war story, but most everyone knows this is
> true, anyhow.  I won't go into the fan either, because it's my personal opinion
> that there are a large selection of good fans.  The item I want to extoll is the
> Ultimate 120 heatsink from Thermalright.  Huge heatsink, and the 120mm fan that
> you get separately mounts on the _side_, not the top, like you might be used to.
>  One look at this, at the great engineering ... well you might possibly find
> something else as good, but I bet you'd not be able to find anything better.
> Get that installed, and you can be really certain you didn't short on the CPU
> cooling.

thank you, chuck.

wowie, zowie !
--passion-- !!!
this tells me something.

yes, getting the heat out is the point.

120 mm ?  that's an optical disk.
bet it's a blowhard.

i'm a fool for great engineering.
i'm also a fool for a myrna loy film, but, i digress.

on the side, eh ?
nothing like trying out a new position.

this was followed, very soon after, by marc coyles:

thank you, marc.

 >  1 - Don't use tip of finger to apply thermal goop unless finger is
 >  within a plastic bag. Grease off your skin will detract from the
 >  efficiency of the Thermal Bond, and seeing as the TIM bond accounts for
 >  a HUGE proportion of a processor-cooling-solution's c/w rating, it's
 >  better to pop finger in a bag, and then apply compound.

[ wistful sigh ]
another fond memory from my youth:  gone forever.
[ another wistful sigh ]

well, that's what we were doing at the big m in schaumburg.
it was almost thirty years ago.
what did we know ?
we were younger and stupider.
besides, most of the watts were going out the antenna
   [ that would be "aerial", on your side of the pond ].

it wasn't any good for clothing, either.

 >  2 - Best of the best is still Thermalright, but there is a price premium
 >  as always. I generally go with their Ultra120 Extreme as it supports all
 >  sockets and all CPUs on the market, so you won't have to bin it if you
 >  switch to something else at a later date... And partner it with a decent
 >  120mm fan of your choosing according to your noise preference.
 >  Personally I stick with Nexus fans as they're nice n' quiet...

another vote, which is why i combined these responses.

yeah, well, something that works well is worth something,
   just to get rid of the "aggravation factor".

keeping the number of line_items in my qpl few is always good.

i'll look into those.
you know, i've been ruminating on this point.
i'm starting to think that
   "quiet" is more important to me than i had previously thought.
i do like to put a bunch of 19th_century chamber_music discs into the changer.

 >  The above combo is currently sitting atop a Q6600 cpu in my recording
 >  studio system and keeps it at 40 deg C full-load in total silence. If
 >  you want better cooling, then find a more powerful fan.

the recording studio is the acid_test for quiet.

[ ever see the size of the box that a
     three_color_technicolor camera was in,
     back in the 1930s ?
   those things were --loud--.
   two supply reels, two take_up reels, at right_angles to a beam_splitter.
   no wonder the actors had to "loop" their dialogue so much.

that 40 degree number gets my attention.
why, that's barely warmer than i am !

 >  3 - Meh - Thermal Compound performance is much debated, and any testing
 >  done on it isn't done to a sufficient quality to give reliable results.
 >  Either way, the Thermalright Heatsinks all come with goop that is plenty
 >  good enough for most purposes.

on this point,
   i was more concerned if someone had had a bad experience
   with stuff that "just doesn't work".


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