7-stable packages on 7.0-release system?

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at janh.de
Sat Aug 9 18:45:15 UTC 2008

Torgeir wrote:
 > I assume that it is not advisable, but what can I expect to happen if
 > I try to use packages for 7-stable on a 7.0-release system?

No, it is not advisable. I tried:


As I said two weeks ago, that failure was predictable and the few 
offenders could be found, but I had another weird problem that could 
only be solved with recompile:


For the opposite, using packages from an earlier point, compatibility is 
usually preserved, but not always, either:


Not having newer binary packages for the latest RELEASE is a shortcoming 
on FreeBSD, but you will find many references that there are simply not 
enough resources.

Jan Henrik

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