memory pool, rfc

Eduardo Morras nec556 at
Wed Oct 31 17:09:17 PDT 2007

At 00:38 01/11/2007, you wrote:
>Ouch! are not trying to sell anything are you? It may be in
>your best interest if you proceed to the hackers list, to initiate
>conversation in a way that explains how your code will benefit a
>cause, not slam other people (and their work) that are already

No, i don't want to sell anything to anyone. I'm already on hackers 
list but has very low traffic (9 messages last 5 days) and this is a 
question list no ? ;-) I think that in this list are FreeBSD 
*gurus*/hacks too which could say a "try it" or a "are you crazy?" 
answer. If other developers thinks that they need my rfc i'll add my 
code to FreeBSD.

The point to zlib / libbzip2 is because when i talk about compression 
*always* someone says " Why don't use zlib?" Short answer No, Medium 
Answer: deflate is 15 years old and there are better and faster algs now. 

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