FreeBSD 6.2 with Xorg 7.3

John nesredep at
Wed Oct 31 17:08:34 PDT 2007

I hope this is an appropriate list for this type of question; please let me
know if another list is more suitable to newbie-type quesions.

I've been using Linux for a long time, and every year or so I have a crack
at *BSD to see what I'm missing.  But it never works out.

So, trying again...

I think I want to start with FreeBSD 6.2 with Xorg upgraded to 7.3.  I tried
to accomplish this over the course of several installs.  In the end, I
decided this should work:

a)  install 6.2, plain User setup (NOT with Xorg, and NOT with ports)

b) portsnap fetch

c) portsnap extract

d) cd to /usr/ports/x11/xorg  and make install clean

When I do pkg_version -v, it SEEMS to have installed the xorg that I want.

Is this the right procedure to start with?  Should I have set up that
vulnerability database?

Any  advice appreciated.


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