memory pool, rfc

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Wed Oct 31 16:39:24 PDT 2007

> I have some free time and want to do an memory pool. The idea is
> to have a memory zone of N KB (or several MB) compressed in memory. I
> have fast compression algorithms now that can release under BSD
> licence that are faster than hd i/o, so it take less
> compress/decompress a memory zone than read/write it to disk. I don't
>  know if it already exist for FreeBSD, so if it's already done i'll
> try to improve it.

Perhaps you should try the freebsd-hackers list... this list is
generally for user operational questions.

> Don't point me to zlib or libbzip2, they are on another league and
> are much slower than my code.

Ouch! are not trying to sell anything are you? It may be in
your best interest if you proceed to the hackers list, to initiate
conversation in a way that explains how your code will benefit a
cause, not slam other people (and their work) that are already


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