i386 chroot on amd64

Erik Cederstrand erik at cederstrand.dk
Wed Oct 31 16:26:47 PDT 2007


I just created an i386 chroot on an amd64 host (make TARGET=i386 
TARGET_ARCH=i386 ...). The host is compiled with lib32 support.

I'm trying to chroot into the directory to install a port (ports dir is 

chroot /path/to/chroot /bin/sh -c "cd /usr/ports/my/port; make install 
clean; "

but all I get is "chroot: /bin/sh: Exec format error". Google points me 
in the direction of i386/amd64 conflicts. The host is running 
7.0-PRERELEASE #4, the chroot is compiled from CURRENT sources csupped 

Am what I'm trying to do even supposed to work?


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