Newby Question: What to do when one port can't recognize another port?

james oscartheduck at
Tue Oct 30 07:41:00 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 07:15 -0700, Jeff D wrote:
> James,
> On 10/30/07, james <oscartheduck at> wrote:
>         What version of the operating system are you using?
> I'm using the Version 6.2 Release, updated with Patchset 7

>         When did you last update your ports tree?
> Last time was yesterday afternoon. 

Okay, great. Have you also done a successful portupgrade since then? I
should have asked this earlier, but it's before nine and I'm not at my
best when tired ;)

>         But, you should know that apache on FreeBSD is fantastic. I
>         tried
>         getting it configured once on Ubuntu; that was a harsh, harsh
>         experience. Weird custom configuration files in weird
>         locations.
> What makes it "fantastic" versus not?  Isn't an Apache configuration
> supposed to be the same?  In httpd.conf, or whatever?

I agree! However, some folks think that httpd.conf should be deprecated
in favour of apache2.conf. And then it gets weirder and weirder...

apache on FreeBSD is installed consistently (i.e. you know where to look
for files based upon sensible reasoning), and it follows exactly the
conventions you expect it to follow, with httpd.conf etc.

The only weirdness to be aware of is that the handbook covers apache
1.3, not 2.x.


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