Newby Question: What to do when one port can't recognize another port?

Jeff D jeffd6635 at
Tue Oct 30 08:05:14 PDT 2007


On 10/30/07, james <oscartheduck at> wrote:

> Okay, great. Have you also done a successful portupgrade since then? I
> should have asked this earlier, but it's before nine and I'm not at my
> best when tired ;)

Before I got re-started, now I have.  Other than the complaint about
Apache22 not finding db46, all seemed to go ok.

apache on FreeBSD is installed consistently (i.e. you know where to look
> for files based upon sensible reasoning), and it follows exactly the
> conventions you expect it to follow, with httpd.conf etc.
> The only weirdness to be aware of is that the handbook covers apache
> 1.3, not 2.x.

I'll keep this in mind, and eventually investigate.

But for now I can't exactly agree OR disagree, since Apache22 simply doesn't
install on Freebsd because of this out of date Port.

I've just been told that there's some sort of a Port version freeze in place
in preparation for the version 7 release (?), which will delay any update to
that Apache22 port even longer.

I've swapped in an Ubuntu disk, and I can say that Apache 2.2.4 & BerkeleyDB
4.6.19 install just fine on Ubuntu right out of the box.  I'm not sure which
way to go now.  Being a big believer in "a bird in the hand ...", I'm
leaning towards Ubuntu instead, beacuse it works now.  But, I'll Google some
more for objective comparisons to be sure.



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