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Derek Ragona derek at
Sun Oct 28 17:03:46 PDT 2007

At 06:47 PM 10/28/2007, jekillen wrote:
>I am still having resolver problems with my 6.2 system.
>It has shown up with trying to install ports from the ftp site.
>I discovered that there is no resolv.conf file, so I created one.
>The funny thing is if I ping one of my web sites with
>www.<domainName>.com ping can't resolve the address.
>but if I do <actualHostName>.<domainName>.com it works.
>Just for control test purposes I tried from a Mac OSX machine
>and was able to ping www.<domainName>.com. I even have
>my own DNS servers listed as servers to contact in resolv.conf
>To abbreviate this message, I am trying to get ports set up
>and working.
>This time I tried portsnap fetch and the site indicated as
>the source and mirrors could not be found.
>Any suggestions, help, advice is appreciated. I am going more
>to the existing material, but it obviously cannot anticipate this
>sort of problem literally.
>Thanks In Advance:
>Jeff K

Sounds like a DNS problem.  Make sure your /etc/hosts only defines the 
hostname for that machine and localhost.  Check you have the correct order 
of hosts in /etc/resolv.conf, it is read top down.  Check your 
/etc/nsswitch.conf hosts line which should be:
hosts: files dns

You may by mistake have left an entry in a hosts file, or have your DNS not 
forwarding correctly for unknown names.


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