Recommended servers for FreeBSD

Andrew Wasilczuk andrew at
Sun Oct 28 17:27:19 PDT 2007


I'm interested to see what servers people use for FreeBSD.  I used to
buy the IBM xSeries x306 for firewalls and web servers and the x206 for
low budget file servers, but both aren't being sold anymore.  I recently
got a few IBM x3200 and x3550.  They are really nicely built and I
hardly have any problems.  However, the on-board RAID controllers
(Adaptec AIC-9580W) aren't supported under FreeBSD so I fit them with
3ware 9000 series RAID cards.  Although I really like those 3ware cards,
it seems like an extra expense that could be avoided.

What servers do you guys buy and why?  I would really like to have the
on-board RAID supported. Do HP servers play well with FreeBSD?  If yes,
which models would you recommend?

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