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Wed Oct 24 08:44:26 PDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 24, 2007 at 07:43:37AM -0700, Aliya Harbouri wrote:

> Hi Bill!
> > Note also that a ports freeze is starting soon for 7.0 and 6.3 release.
> > During the freeze, you'll have difficulty getting any ports changes
> > through.
> That's what I figured -- and why I've been trying to communicate about
> this for ~ a month already.
> It's not really that *I* have an issue with a workaound -- *that* I
> can always do "locally".  But I've recommended FreeBSD ports be used
> "out of the box" for  installs around here.
> I can understand non-functional / troublesome ports for some obscure
> packages, but a working apache22 + bdb46 combo seemed a rather "basic"
> and not-unreasonable expectation.
> My own fault for *making* the recommendation, I know.

I am not sure I understand all of what is being said or implied here.
Ports is the recommended way of doing installs of third party stuff.

It also sounds like there is some misunderstanding on the term ports freeze.
What happens is that for a period before a new release comes out, all
ports and other things are 'frozen' so that everything can be built
and tested against the version of things about to be released.   If
changes keep being applied during that time, then there would never be
a verifiable release that things could be built against.   As soon as
the tests pass and the version is released, and some housekeeping taken
care of, the ports and the rest of things will be unfrozen and changes
again begun to be applied.    

The release engineering team extablishes the freeze in order to create
the final builds and tests for a release.  It is not the ports maintainer
who creates the freeze.   The freeze is temporary.


> I'll keep trying to get somone to look at this.
> Thanks a lot!
> Ali
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