the right next step?

Aliya Harbouri aliyaharbouri at
Wed Oct 24 07:43:51 PDT 2007

Hi Bill!

> Note also that a ports freeze is starting soon for 7.0 and 6.3 release.
> During the freeze, you'll have difficulty getting any ports changes
> through.

That's what I figured -- and why I've been trying to communicate about
this for ~ a month already.

It's not really that *I* have an issue with a workaound -- *that* I
can always do "locally".  But I've recommended FreeBSD ports be used
"out of the box" for  installs around here.

I can understand non-functional / troublesome ports for some obscure
packages, but a working apache22 + bdb46 combo seemed a rather "basic"
and not-unreasonable expectation.

My own fault for *making* the recommendation, I know.

I'll keep trying to get somone to look at this.

Thanks a lot!


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