the right next step?

Bill Moran wmoran at
Tue Oct 23 17:20:09 PDT 2007

John Nielsen <lists at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 October 2007, Aliya Harbouri wrote:
> > Hi everybody!
> >
> > If we've
> >
> >  i)   raised a question about a port on this list
> >  ii)  sent an email to the port maintainer
> >  iii) filed a pr
> >  iv)  waited ~ a month, then followed-up the pr
> >
> > and there's still no communication / action, what's the right next
> > step?  Is there a different list to communicate to/on for follow-up?
> Does your PR include a fix?
> If it does, make some noise about it on the freebsd-ports mailing list and 
> include the PR number and the fact that you've not heard back from the 
> maintainer.
> If it doesn't, you might still want to bring it up on -ports, but getting it 
> fixed depends on someone volunteering to take ownership of the problem (if 
> not outright maintainership of the port).

Note also that a ports freeze is starting soon for 7.0 and 6.3 release.
During the freeze, you'll have difficulty getting any ports changes

Bill Moran

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