Via C7 Processor (CPU) - cpufreq and make.conf support

Ross Penner ross.penner at
Tue Oct 23 23:14:16 PDT 2007

Hi all, I have a few questions about my Via C7 processor. In  
examples/make.conf there is an option for the CPUTYPE. It indicates that  
only the C3 and the C3-2 chips are supported. Does the C7 chip have  
support that I don't know of? If not, will it? Otherwise, will specifying  
the chipset as C3 help or hinder my environment?

My second question is in regards to the CPU frequency control. I've seen  
that the C7 gets support for cpufreq in 7 current, but I'm running 6.  
Without support in cpufreq, what speed would my processor be running at?  
I've always thought my performance has been lackluster so I suspect it's  
running at the lower clock speed.

Thanks for any help any of you can give me,


sig ho!

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