easiest way to install CPAN on FreeBSD

Aliya Harbouri aliyaharbouri at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 08:05:26 PDT 2007

Hi everybody!

> I'm not a very heavy perl user, but I've never *needed* to install CPAN on
> FreeBSD. A little creative searching has revealed that most perl packages
> are part of the FreeBSD Ports collection.
> If you use more obscure CPAN packages, I can see there might be a need to
> install CPAN, but try ports first.

I'll just add my 2-cents.

I've had repeated 'issues' with port-installed BSDPAN perl modules.
Those have been the usual: lagging versions, source bugs, dependency
conflicts with modules installed that are unavailable of problematic
via BSDPAN, etc etc.

I've found, in those cases, that communicating with the
Port-maintainer has not always been 'fruitful', and, communicating
with the perl mod author usually results in "that's a freebsd port

So, I currently use the Perl 588 *port*.  Then I install CPANPLUS and
remove all traces of BSDPAN-installed modules, replacing them with
CPANPLUS-installed modules.

A little bit of work, but, once done, I've had very few problems, and
*much* better responsiveness from perl module authors in actually
fixing problems.  And, the folks on the perl lists/channels are much
more willing/able to answer/solve problems.

Also, around here, I've got many different platforms to deal with.
Perl+CPANPLUS is platform agnostic -- it looks-n-feels the same.  Just
easier for my brain to grok than yet-another "way" -- ala BSDPAN.

Like I said, just my 2-cents.



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