Via C7 Processor (CPU) - cpufreq and make.conf support

Erik Cederstrand erik at
Wed Oct 24 00:25:31 PDT 2007

Ross Penner wrote:
 > Hi all, I have a few questions about my Via C7 processor. In
 > examples/make.conf there is an option for the CPUTYPE. It indicates
 > that only the C3 and the C3-2 chips are supported. Does the C7 chip
 > have support that I don't know of? If not, will it? Otherwise, will
 > specifying the chipset as C3 help or hinder my environment?

I know this is not an answer, but why not just upgrade to 7.0 if you
need the C7 support?

 > My second question is in regards to the CPU frequency control. I've
 > seen that the C7 gets support for cpufreq in 7 current, but I'm
 > running 6. Without support in cpufreq, what speed would my processor
 > be running at? I've always thought my performance has been lackluster
 > so I suspect it's running at the lower clock speed.

If cpufreq/powerd is not active, your processor is running full-speed.
You can check this with "sysctl dev.cpu.0.freq" if it's available on
your system.


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