Xmodmap (or .xinitrc?) broken after xorg upgrade

Andrew Pantyukhin infofarmer at FreeBSD.org
Mon Oct 22 06:34:25 PDT 2007

On Sun, Oct 21, 2007 at 08:38:33PM -0400, Chris Hill wrote:
> About a week ago, I updated my ports, including xorg. Now xmodmap isn't 
> running from ~/.xinitrc like it used to.
> My .xinitrc is the same as it's been for years, so it includes the lines
> if [ -f $usermodmap ]; then
>     xmodmap $usermodmap
> fi
> After some experimenting, I find that if I run
> $ xmodmap .Xmodmap
> $ xmodmap .Xmodmap
> ...twice, as shown, in an xterm after X gets going - then my .Xmodmap takes 
> effect.
> If I comment out that section of ~/.xinitrc, then I only have to run
> $ xmodmap .Xmodmap
> once in an xterm. I would like not to have to run xmodmap manually at all, 
> but have .xinitrc take care of it, just as it used to be before the 
> upgrade.
> Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

No ideas, but a "same here". It's a good thing that I don't have
to reboot all that often. Doesn't bother me enough to look

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