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DAve dave.list at
Wed Oct 10 13:33:06 PDT 2007

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	This is for the system admins out there; I brought up this question 
> 	last weekend, (re xsysstats, an *old* app), but got no answers,
> 	so again:
> 	What are the best tools, graphical or otherwise, that I can use 
> 	on  a dedicated Gnome [or CWTM, KDE, Whatever] workspace that
> 	will help me track each of my four or five computers?  
> 	(((Is xosview broken?  I have it running here on this pre xorg-7.2
> 	system.)))  xsysstats seems reasonable; are there any others?
> 	I'd like to be able to spot any overloads of file system snafus
> 	before they go critical... .   
> 	thanks for any|all insights,

I am a fan of KISS, I would just start snmpd on each server and then 
hack a quick perl/ruby/shell script to check on the boxes now and then 
and alert you when something is beyond a configured parameter. Maybe pop 
open a term window and display the snmpget results or something.


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