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Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Oct 10 14:41:38 PDT 2007

At 02:57 PM 10/10/2007, Gary Kline wrote:

>         This is for the system admins out there; I brought up this question
>         last weekend, (re xsysstats, an *old* app), but got no answers,
>         so again:
>         What are the best tools, graphical or otherwise, that I can use
>         on  a dedicated Gnome [or CWTM, KDE, Whatever] workspace that
>         will help me track each of my four or five computers?
>         (((Is xosview broken?  I have it running here on this pre xorg-7.2
>         system.)))  xsysstats seems reasonable; are there any others?
>         I'd like to be able to spot any overloads of file system snafus
>         before they go critical... .
>         thanks for any|all insights,
>         gary

I use bigsister, from the ports.  There are versions for win32 servers as 
well, so you can monitor cross-platform.  Bigsister's output is webbased, 
plus there are alerts you can setup.


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